Thursday, April 24, 2008

Piping the Line

Hit the Mill Creek Pipeline last night just to see what was rideable and was in for a pleasant surprise. Rode from my house to rattlesnake and climbed rattlesnake, which was dry as a bone. Rode out to the viewpoint and turned around to head up the canyon. The trail was dry to church fork where I hit a short section of rideable snow but no mud. Church fork all the way to elbow fork was golden so I passed by elbow fork and started climbing the switchbacks. Finally at the very top of the switchbacks I hit a long section of snow that looked like it was going to continue for awhile so I turned around. Railed the switchbacks on the way down and cruised back to rattlesnake and home.
If you want to ride it while it's primo you better hit the trail soon. Before we know it the townies rolling in jean shorts and Huffies will be shuttling the trail and tearing up the switchbacks. The trail was FULL of runners, hikers and my favorite...... unleashed dogs! It was a great ride though and it was nice to finally be able to hit the backyard singletrack. This AM I saw that last nights storm had re-covered the trail in a bit of snow but tomorrows warming temps should make short work of that.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

did you see my tracks

Andy H. said...

I saw tracks but they couldn't have been yours. The Scalpel SL is too light to leave tracks.