Monday, April 7, 2008

Lots of Dirt

It was a great weekend for riding dirt. Friday I got in 3.5 hrs on the shoreline after work. I ran into Bob at the Zoo trailhead and rode with him over to Dry Creek where he peeled off home for some Battlestar Galactica action. I am not fortunate enough to have Sci-Fi so I have to wait for the DVD's. Climbed up Dry Creek to City Creek and back and made it home just as it was getting dark. Saturday the weatherman called for rain so we blew off HON and slept in. Woke up to sunny skies (well done weatherman!). Planned to do a road ride in the afternoon but got caught up in a garage cleaning project that took most of the day instead. Had some friends come over that night to play Settlers of Catan which is my new favorite game. It's quick enough to finish in one sitting but there is still a ton of stratagy and tactics involved. I almost came away with the win twice but had to settle for a close 2nd. Sunday was another great afternoon on the shoreline. Rhonda and I got in 4.5 hours. Rode from home, to the zoo, up dry creek, down bobsled and back up and reversed it for the ride home. Ran in to Bob Plumb, Larry the AV guy, and of course Bob. It's realy nice doing easy rides on the shoreline this time of year. Currently it's the only game in town so you're bound to run into somebody you know. There were still some iffy spots on the trail when I rode it friday but by sunday they had all buffed out nicely and there was only a little bit of mud left. Of course it was snowing on my way to work this AM so all bets are off again.

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