Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bike fit with Dr Testa

Not much to report on my bike fit with Dr Testa today. I was originally scheduled last Tuesday but my 29'er wouldn't fit on his computrainer so I had to re-schedule for today and bring my road bike. He had me warm up for 15 mins and then he watched me pedal from a number of angles. He took some measurements and decided to move my saddle forward a few mm's and he also ordered a shim to correct for my shorter and slightly off angle right leg. No major changes though. It seems all of my research on bike fit had steered me correctly and I had fit myself quite well. The only other thing he mentioned was that based on my measurements I would probably be an excellent time trialist. The good news is that my road bike frame fits me just fine so I can quit thinking I "need" a custom frame. I also know for sure now that my back pain on the bike is caused by poor flexibility and lack of core strength which should soon be cured (and it already seems to have helped) by the Pilate's I am doing 3-4 times per week.

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