Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cholla pre-ride from hell

Mile's of sand and loose, deep pea gravel. Descents all on doubletrack and most of the climbs on singletrack. Add in the 40 MPH winds and we had a great time on our pre-ride. Tomorrow could be ugly.


UtRider said...

Yeah, my pre-ride pretty much zapped my morale and had me seriously considering a day hiking in Zion instead of racing. What category did you race? I need to start putting names to faces for the guys/gals on the team.

Anonymous said...

Look at it as a cheap means to exfoliate that dry winter skin off you face! Ouch, hard course!

Andy H. said...

UTR- Sport 30-34. I think you passed me near the horse trailers on the 2nd lap and offered a word of encouragment. I followed you into the finish maybe 1.5 mins back. My raw time was like 2:16.

TC- I'm still digging a small beach out of my ears!