Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memories of Cholla

My 2nd bike race ever was two years ago at the Cholla Challange. I literally did it off the couch. In '06 they incorporated the race into the Cactus Hugger cycling festival which Rhonda, my friend Christian and I participated in to learn more about the trails in the area. Christian and I both raced in the beginner men 30-39 category and they started all the beginner men's categories at once. Christian took off with the main group from the start and before I new it I was near the back. After about a mile or two of racing I was picking people off in large groups but never saw Christian. By about seven miles in I realized there was nobody else around. The area was pretty flat and I figured I should be able to see somebody somewhere but I didn't even see many tire tracks. I kept riding but let off the gas and looked around for course markers, other riders or anything to tell me I was still on the course. I was convinced I had taken a wrong turn but finally I saw Bart coming up on my tail as he lapped me. I followed him in to the finish. I looked around for Christian who should have finished ahead of me but it wasn't until a minute or so later that he rolled across the finish line. Now I was positive I had missed a turn and cut the course. I was looking around for a race official so I could confess my crime when Christian came up and complimented me on my pass.... I learned a lot in that race.


I am Matt said...

I did that race. Do you remember the problems with the cows? I got some strange looks from the "ranch hands".

Andy H. said...

Holy crap, how did I forget about the cows! I think that added to my confusion, all of the pick-ups and 4 wheeling ranch hands all over the place. I couldn't tell who was directing racers from who was directing cattle.