Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was right, it's spring.

When I left this morning at 7AM for my ride to work it was 56 degrees. I was actually warm riding to work and I've decided that is my new definition of spring. I don't care about flowers blooming or trees getting their leaves. When I can ride at 7AM and not freeze my ass off, it's spring.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. Now rest day for a true cyclist means that your body is tired from a few days of intense training/racing and you need a rest. For me it means that I rode my bike the last three days and now I'm behind on getting things done I need to do. A few days ago we purchased a large Blue Spruce to replace the evergreen in our front yard that blew down in a storm last fall. We wanted something decent sized but of course large trees come in large pots and require large holes. I live on the historic alluvial plain of Mill Creek so any time I need to dig a hole I'm in for a decent amount of work. Last night was no exception. The hole I needed to dig was 3 feet around by 3 feet deep. In that 3' x 3' section I dug up 3 boulders that were too heavy to lift and needed to be rolled out, about a dozen fist sized rocks and a large bucket full of smaller stones. So much for a rest day. In the middle of the project my neighbor Joel stopped by just to reaffirm his distaste for yard work. He was heading up to the Pipeline on his new Superfly to shake out some of the kinks before Saturdays race. I'm still a little mad a Gary Fisher for stealing my moniker for a bike. It's a cool bike and all, as was the original GF Superfly but it somehow cheapens the online screen name I've used for years ;-)

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JZ said...

It is true, I hate yard work. My ride was great except for getting pulled over for speeding. I posted full account at www.utahmountainbiking.com, but the short version is the speed trap at the bottom of the big hill got me a nice little warning. I was clocked at 41 mph, which I thought was pretty dang good for a mountain bike with full nobbies. Of course after the usual waiting period all I got was a warning. Apparently not having a speedometer is not a legitimate excuse.