Friday, July 18, 2008

Snowbird Pre-ride

I pre-rode the Snowbird race course the other night but I figure I won't go into the gory details. It's the same piece of crap it always is and everybody knows it. The astute reader may question why I'm racing this crappy course since I'm only kinda serious about racing. The answer is simple really...... it sounded like a good idea at the time. Back in March I pre-registered for all the ICUP's I planned on doing. I'm frugal by nature and this saved me $8 per race versus signing up on race day so it seemed like a no brainer. When I was looking at the schedule I choose races that either I loved, were close to home, didn't start at the buttcrack of dawn or courses I might do well at. Snowbird is close to my home, it has the latest start time of any race in the series and since very few people actually race it I'll probably do well by default. Three out of four positives overrode the fact that the course sucks and so I signed up. Unfourtunatly remembering a course sucks in March isn't quite the same as actually riding the course. That course sucks so bad the one negative outweighs the three positives by far. Oh well, as Team Saffle always says "doing courses that suck makes you faster". To which I always add the caveat, "as long as you don't fall on the downhill, dislocate your shoulder and never have the courage to go fast again".


Anonymous said...

I'm wid you on that one.

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