Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Loving the rain

Sunday afternoon we got together with the Steve, Drew and Lucy for a Millcreek and over the top ride to escape the heat. The ants down in Draper decided to declare war on Steve's bike bag (they seemed partial to a Mojo bar) which he didn't realize until he got to our house. When we opened the back of his Explorer to unload his bike bag we saw they had taken over the entire back of the truck and were planning their next offensive against the crumbs in his back seat. We retaliated by squishing, brushing and crushing and luckily didn't have to resort to WMD's. The war was over 15 minutes later and we headed up the canyon. The upper Millcreek trails were in the worst shape I have ever seen them, really loose and dusty. Still excellent trails but boy they needed rain. They sky was overcast and looking hopeful but the weather only called for a 30% chance of rain. We rode over the top and down to the Mid-Mountain junction where we ran into Shannifer putting in the hours in preparation for the Trans Rockies in a few weeks. As we were talking with them the sky got really dark and we heard some nearby thunder. We pressed on down Mid-mountain and got to Red Pine lodge just as the sky opened up. Wonderful rain! Temperatures instantly dropped 10-15 degrees and it dumped for 15 minutes or so while we enjoyed the storm from the shelter of the lodge. The rain passed quickly as mountain showers do and we headed back to Millcreek. What a difference a little bit of rain made. Big Water trail went from a dusty mess to buff in less than an hour and even better the rain scared away the hikers so we had the trail almost totally to ourselves. I love the rain.

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