Friday, July 11, 2008

Not enough time on my hands

My prep going into to the PCPC10 has been less than optimal.
  • Sunday night: Flying home from Michigan my flight was delayed and I didn't get to bed till 1AM.
  • Monday night: Had to work late, got a quick ride in, ate a late dinner and got to bed late.
  • Tues night: Wired from the Solitude race, got to bed late.
  • Wed night: Had to work really late, was exhausted when I got home but got caught up watching a stupid show about the messiest home in America and barely got to bed on time.
  • Last Night: Snuck in a quick little ride and then had to clean and do a few minor repairs on my bike. Did laundry, made dinner and started getting things together for Saturday. Got to bed late.
  • Tonight: Will have to work a little late and then need to drive all the way to PC for registration. I also need to hit the grocery store and finish packing. I bet I'll get to bed late again.

The good news is a cold front is moving in today so temps for the race tomorrow should be perfect. A high of 81 in PC should make race temps in the mid 70's. It's going to be bloody cold (mid 40's) for the 7AM start but I'll warm up quick. I'm not real sure what to expect for the race but I'm setting a goal of averaging one lap per hour for a total of ten laps. 70 miles in ten hours sounds pretty reasonable especially since I'll be able to dig into my cooler for a fresh bottle every lap.

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