Tuesday, July 8, 2008

6 days off

Hopped on my bike last night after six days off for the family vacay. I rode the lower half of Pipeline from my house with a couple hard efforts to try to shake out the funk. Everything went very slow. Climbing up the road my cadence was slow and I almost had to drop down to granny on the road climb up to Rattlesnake. Riding down the trail my timing was off and I blew wide on almost every corner, in slow motion of course. Tonights race could be interesting. I'm expecting a pretty poor result but doing the race should get everything flowing again so I'll be set for the PCP10 on saturday.

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wedge said...

Wow! 6 days off! Now that is what I call tapering. I will be pushing that next week with my trip to Vietnam. Michigan sounds more relaxing. Good Luck at the PCP 10!