Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a Chicago song

My friend Steve who has been dominating his category in the ICUP this year has also been training for the Brian Head Epic this fall. The other day he sent me this email which I have posted without his permission to fulfill my own dubious blogging schemes.

"Hey Andy, I got my 7 hours in yesterday since you inspired me with your big ride. Heather and I spent 90 minutes at Trailside park riding the stunts and trails with our girls. Then they drove home and I rode from there to the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon where I had left my car via mid-mountain, crest, and mill-d trails. 5.5 hours, 5300+ feet of climbing and one sore butt!"

Check that out! Little old me is an inspiration to a rider with actual skills. I was pretty proud of myself until I deciphered the actual meaning of his email. Once I translated it here is what he really meant to say.

"Hey Andy you pitiful excuse for a cyclist. Since you were able to drag your slow pathetic ass over the trails for 60 miles last Saturday I decided I needed to put you back in your place by showing you how a real man rides a bike. After working my mad trials skills for 90 minutes at the skills park I laid down some real watts and rode Mid Mountain, Crest and Mill D back into the valley. It was a wimpy little ride with only 5300+ ft of climbing in just over 5 hours. Basically a recovery ride. See ya eating my dust at the Tuesday Solitude Race"

Not so Chicago like any more am I?


UtRider said...

He makes a good point in the translated version: You should line up with the Expert B group. Otherwise, how will you follow him around the course? :)

slhmtb said...

Ah yes, I see my subtle intimidation techniques are working. Greg said pretty much the same thing when I told him about that ride as we were registering for the race last night. But in truth you neglected to leave out the part where Jim and I felt so proud of our 3.5 hour ride that same day you did the 7 hour epic and then felt pretty wimpy when we heard about your accomplishment. Besides, you, Rhonda and Jennie had quite the epic ride last Saturday too. The nice thing about my ride was even though it was 5300 feet of climbing it was over 7000 feet of descending. Nice to start in Park City and end in Salt Lake City.