Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Sherpa-bak

J-dub is fast. Blazingly fast actually. There is a video floating around the interweb of her working over a cat 1 roadie girl in the final sprint of a cross race last year. Impressive stuff. Last year J-dub didn't have a very successfull MTB season. She was on a loaner hardtail with a blown fork which was a huge handicap at the races. This year she has a new Anthem X and is getting very familiar with the MTB podium. As fast as J-dub is she can't quite break into the top three and I think I know why.

Exhibit A

The Sherpa-bak

Here she is waving bye-bye to the top three unencumbered girls

Holy crap that camel-bak is huge! It looks to be about the size of my week long trek backpack and it's gotta have it's own gravitational field. Now Jennie is way too tuff and would never admit that she is being handicapped by the large orangutan clinging to her back on bike races so I'm starting the free Jennie fund drive. You can donate to me via paypal and 100% of your donation will go to buying J-dub a nice small race worthy camel-bak.

P.S. Don't tell her about the fund drive. I think she just finally forgave me for the impromptu adventure I took her on last year and I don't want her mad at me again.


KanyonKris said...

Hey, looks like my camelbak!

I caught some flak for my big pack at RAWROD last year. What's the big deal?

I like having only one pack and like having the space for more gear for longer rides. If a small and big pack are carrying the same gear, the extra fabric of the big pack can't weight much.

So it's just down to looks, and I'll agree a smaller pack looks "faster" for racing. But I can't imagine it affects performance.

KanyonKris said...

OK, don't take my comment above too seriously. I suspect you're mostly just having fun with Jen and her pack. And if she's fast she'll look even faster with a svelte pack. I just couldn't help point out that there's not much real performance difference.

Andy H. said...

I don't know Kris, if I got her a full carbon, wind tunnel tested, John Bruyneel approved hydration system it would have to be worth at least fiddy watts.

Jennie said...

I had no idea how big the pack looked. Funny!
Maybe I'll invest in something a little smaller and streamline for monday.

Anonymous said...

damn funny post!

Lucy said...

No! If Jennie gets a new pack, I'm beat for sure. I'm already scared and whipped by her on her new bike. My small camelbak is all I have left. Don't force me to go to water bottles.