Monday, May 18, 2009

The Battered Bastard of Soldier Hollow

My muscles were cold, and I was tired and hungry at the start of the Hammerfest. Right from the start the sandbag Nazi's in the front started lobbing Howitzer rounds back at me and I was huddling in my foxhole begging for mercy. I was officially shelled. My ride quickly turned from a race into a hard training ride so it was still a productive day. The guy who won had lap times that would have put him in the top 10 out of 25 experts. If it's really that much fun beating up on slow dudes than go for it but it seems like such a waste of time to me. That's it for me in the Icup for awhile. I'll get plenty of racing over the next couple months in the Full Throttle series and I'll spend my Saturdays doing long training rides in prep for Laramie.

Rhonda had a great race. We've both been busy and haven't been riding a lot but Rhonda has been especially pressed for time lately so she went in with really low expectations. She felt great at the start and found herself riding not too far behind Alison on the big climb. Alison is fast and Rhonda knew that if she could keep her in sight she would have a good race. Heading out on the second lap she starting gaining on Alison and before Rhonda knew it she was right on Alison's wheel. She made the pass expecting Alison to get back around her before the finish but she held her off all the way through for her best finish ever in sport finishing sixth out of fourteen women. Well done!


UtRider said...

Funny. The "guy who won" is on your team and you're the Sandbag Potentate. Go get him! :)

All I want to accomplish this year is another Super Crest without slowing you down too much. Oh, and I might show up for a few of the Full Throttle races too. It's fun to actually "race" in a race if you know what I mean.

Andy H. said...

Consider him got. I hear you about racing in a race, thats why I love the Full Throttle series. I actually get to race in a race instead of time trialing a race course by myself. We'll do a Super Crest for sure as soon as it opens.

Blackdog said...

I know people who know people. Let me know and we will fill his tires with water, fill his down tube with fishing weights and line his seat with ball bearings. Dude will wish he was lugging his sand bag up the hill. In all seriousness I see your point and feel your pain. I will be the guy time trialing by myself in the Full Throttle series. I am committed or at least I should be.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

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