Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Ride

2009 Toyota Prius. It's our first new car in 11 years. We've been wanting to replace our Honda Prelude for awhile now and my tree hugging disposition would not allow me to buy anything other than a hybrid. My cheap side however would not allow me to pay full price+ for a new car. Finally Toyota decided to offer deep discounts on the Prius for the first time ever. With gas prices down and the 2010's being released at the end of the month we were able to get the car for a few hundred over invoice with 0% financing. Now we're loving life at 50MPG!


KanyonKris said...

Sweet ride. Now you're in with all the green celebs.

Where's the bike rack?

Andy H. said...

Heck ya, me and Leo are best buds now.

We're doing the hitch rack thing with the Thule T2 but I haven't installed the hitch yet.

Blackdog said...

I keep thinking about getting one or maybe getting a diesel VW. Someone told me that Subaru may come out with a turbo diesel. They get almost the same MPG. Plus if you want you can go the BioDiesel route. I run vegie oil in my truck sometimes. Smells like cooking french fries.