Monday, June 16, 2008


Summer has finally arrived! We got out on Saturday for a team group ride with Bob and Lyna, Shannon and Jen, Ryan and Jenelle, Paul, Steve and Jim (who's wives were shredding at Dirt Camp this weekend). We parked at Jeremy Ranch and rode 24/7, Flying Dog, Cobblestone, Glenwild, Stealth, Drop Out, Fink Again and 24/7 back to the cars. Shannon was recovering from an illness so he set a nice easy pace up the climbs that I could maintain without blowing up. All the trails were in mint condition and the 2.5 hrs of saddle time flew by.

That night we a had a little BBQ at our place. We grilled up some awesome mango/jalapeno chicken sausages and embarrassed Bob with an impromptu singing of happy birthday and 40th birthday present of his special top secret race day power breakfast ingredients.

Sunday Lyna and Rhonda allowed me to escort them on a tour of pretty much every piece of dry singletrack in lower Deer Valley. We started up the race course, cut over to Spin Cycle, down Spin Cycle, back up to the race course, all the way up and down gap trail, Solamere up and down Snow top, connected over to Prospector, down SOS back up Prospector, around to Gamble Oak, up Gamble Oak and back down Solamere to the cars. I was brilliant enough to forget my bottles so I borrowed one from Lyna and also took the two cans of Coke we brought for recovery with me on the ride. It worked out pretty well. It turns out warm coke is a great energy drink.

Man, what an awesome weekend. I'm so glad its finally summer!


I am Matt said...

Sounds like a bunch-o-funn.

For one that has never done any Park City trails, are they marked out pretty well?

Andy H. said...

Some are, some aren't. A lot of the biggies i.e. Mid Mountain, Spiro, Prospecter etc are pretty well marked. Some of the smaller connector trails aren't. PC has far and away the best alpine single track I have ever ridden. Way better than Sun Valley or any of those other so called meca's.