Thursday, June 19, 2008

Job Cuts

Had a meeting with management yesterday. Apparently even though productivity was 116% last month and we had a net profit of over 5 million dollars it's not good enough for the bean counters and staff needs to be cut again. I still feel marginally safe but you just never know. They didn't announce an exact date for the layoffs other than soon. The mood around the office has been less than jovial with a lot of people huddled in pairs talking in hushed voices looking over their shoulders. What has happened to America? I'd like to believe in a free market economy but it just doesn't work. Corporate America is rife with greed and corruption and middle class America is collapsing. I wonder what France has for single track?


Richard Jennings said...

Whatever the employment stats are these days - I see a lot of high paying jobs on employment sites -

Dont dwell on the layoff, or the economy or the recession or gas prices, look to the future!

I am Matt said...

My company has been doing the same for the last year and half. It simply stinks. The morale of everyone in the company tanks and no one wants to put forth their 100%. The only two things you can really do is a: keep your attitude good and b: keep your job or look for a new job.
There are so many risk with looking for new jobs.

Best of luck and as Richard said, don't dwell on it.

KanyonKris said...

That bites. I got laid off from my last job. I remember how in knots I felt when the rumors started flying. I was lucky to find a new job pretty quick, but job hunting is just not fun. I hope things work out for the best for you.

Jennie said...

I keep my British citizenship for this very reason.
Try not to worry. Think more about single track and all the dough you and Rhonda are going to rake in again at Solitude.