Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mark got it wrong

Mark's post about the team group ride last night was pretty accurate except for one small but important fact. He said "I enjoyed the ride with Steve, Drew, Jim, Andy and their wives" when what really happened was he enjoyed the ride with Heather, Lucy, Shelly, Rhonda and their husbands. It's an important distinction. The difference is that since it's much cooler to go for a ride with a bunch of cool, fast MTB rocking chicks than with a bunch of slow old dudes, why not brag about it? Highlight the time spent with the ladies and forget the guys! The second problem is that when you are an addict of all things cycling and are fortunate enough to be married to a lady who feels the same you naturally take a back seat to that lady out of respect. Hence the ladies get either lead billing or at the very least more props than just "their wives" in all cycling related stories. As Mark's wife spends more time on the MTB he'll learn.

Some other ride highlights were bombing down pipeline dodging unleashed dogs, trail runners and the jean shorts and t-shirt MTB crowd in what felt like arctic temperatures. We then warmed our numb appendages post ride with some killer grub and suds at Porcupine.

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UtRider said...

Good point. The reason I went with "their wives" is that I couldn't remember all of the names. I'll be sure to avoid making that mistake again in the future. :)