Friday, June 27, 2008


I don't think of myself as a lazy person but maybe I need to start rethinking that. I read more and see more stuff all the time on athletes, both amature and pro, being "overtrained". I can't wrap my mind around this phenomenon. The thought of doing something that sucks (training) to the point where you've done it so much that's it's detrimental to your health blows me away. Every night I get home from work there is always the choice, relax or ride. Man it's a fight to not have relax win most of the time. If the choice changes to relax or training ride I'm done for, relax always wins. Maybe I am lazy?


StupidBike said...

it is easy to overtrain. I have done it and see others do it all the time.

You don't have to avoid riding to avoid it, just avoid riding hard all the time, honestly though some people can, some, but i always wonder, couldn't they do better if they did some easy rides?

Our bodies can only handle so much and need the recovery.

When you are going hard you are not building anything, it is the time we sleep and do easy rides and take days off that our bodies repair and build themselves stronger.

dang, didn't mean to type that much.

i am lazy

Anonymous said...

Me and Tasha were talking about being "lazy" the other day and have renamed it "being" I'm not lazy I'm just being. Doesn't that sound better?

Anonymous said...

It's not lazy to let the body heal up from the constant beating you give it. We forget we're recreational racers and not destined to the olympics!

Andy H. said...

BK I like it, a lazy way of saying "being lazy" that doesnt sound like being lazy.

Bob & TC trust me, I get plenty o' rest. If I got any more rest I'd be dead or maybe just heading that way like 75% of americans.