Friday, June 6, 2008

Dig out your CX cold weather gear.

Temperatures at Deer Valley tomorrow per the National Weather Service

7:30 AM (warm up and registration) 40 deg
9:00 AM (race start) 49 deg
11:30 AM (appx finish) 53 deg

update- Now they've added a 40% chance of AM showers. This might work out for the best by scaring away some of my less motivated competition. If only 6 other people show up I just might get lucky and collect one of those fancy ribbons!


UtRider said...

You forgot to add the chance of snow/rain showers to the mix.

Are you still planning to race?

Andy H. said...

I'm in for sure and I'll be bringing every warm piece of cycling clothing I own.

Anonymous said...

wet and cold, I HATE being cold when I'm suppose to be warm!