Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sherwood Spills

Sherwood Hills isn't going to happen for us this year. Rhonda really liked the course and did well last year and I kinda like it as well. The problem was the course doesn't really like me. Since I am 6'7" I would consider myself a vertically challenged cyclist. Sherwood Hills is not for the vertically challenged. I crashed more in the Sherwood race last year than I did on every other road and MTB ride I did all put together. That's a lot of crashing. I came around blind corners and clipped low hanging branches with my helmet knocking me off the trail and into the bushes. I took a couple corners a little too wide at speed and got my elbow caught on some brush, again throwing me off the trail and into the weeds. My favorite crash was bombing down the singletrack between tightly spaced trees and smacking my shoulder into a tree limb that most people could ride under. This limb almost dislocated my shoulder and yet again threw me off my bike and into the weeks. Add all that to the long drive and early start time for Rhonda and it equals us skipping Sherwood. It's probably better for the trail to keep me off it anyway.

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