Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fruita day 2

AKA: The Day That Kicked Ass

Woke up Sunday AM, loaded up our stuff and headed to Aspen Street Coffee shop in Fruita where the coffee kicks ass. We sat at an outside table sipped our coffee and ate Natures Path Organic Cherry Pomegran toaster pastries because the weather kicked ass and those pop tarts kick serious ass. After breakfast we headed north on 18 road to the bookcliffs area. We started our day with the classic, Prime Cut to Joes Ridge. Prime Cut is a kick ass middle ring climb rolling in and out of a wash through the juniper trees. Joe's Ridge is a buff, fast and yes, kick ass downhill with some nice steep pitches. Next we climbed Western Zippity with a descent down Zippity Doo Da. Western Zip is another really fun fast climb with great scenery and Zippity Do Da is like Bearclaw Poppy in St George on steroids, oh and of course all narrow singletrack. We finished the day climbing back up Prime Cut to Chutes and Ladders finally screaming back to the parking lot on Vegetarian. Cleaned up a bit and headed to Grand Junction to catch happy hour at the Rockslide Brewery where the food and the beer both kick ass. Finished our day at the Megaplex where we caught Iron Man. I think you know where this is heading. That movie kicks ass and was the perfect ending to the day that "kicked ass"

Click the pics for the blow-up view to get a real feel for the quality singltrack rolling away as far as the eye can see.

Looking Down Joes Ridge

Joes Ridge

Western Zip Climb
Zippity Doo Da
Zippity Descent
(kind of a crappy picture, it's much steeper than this makes it look)

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