Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best laid plans

Had big plans for the weekend some worked, some didn't but that's OK. California Bob and Lola were in town for the weekend. He made the trip out to accept the quite prestigious award for best doctoral dissertation of 2007 in the school of medicine up at the U. The award has a name which escapes me but the gist of the award is that California Bob is really smart and they gave him some $$ and a nice plaque for his office wall at Genentech because of it. Since MTB'ing and especially MTB racing blow in the Bay Area compared to Utah he decided to spend some of his prize money renting a Carbon Rush from the shop and signing up for the Draper race on Memorial day. The weather looked pretty sketchy for the weekend but we were going to make it work. We picked the bike up Saturday am and got to the equestrian center around 11AM for a course pre-ride. Reports on the course conditions were sounding pretty gloomy but we were going to ride what we could. Surprisingly the mud at the top had dried by the time we got there and we had a great time ripping 1.5 laps of the course. Sunday night the weather for Monday looked glum but we were hoping the showers would hold off at least until the starting gun. No such luck. It poured buckets all night and when I checked the storm totals Monday morning I saw Suncrest has received .36" of rain by 6am with plenty more coming. The race was postponed until Wednesday but California Bob had to be back in San Fran for work this morning. At the announcement of the race postponement and Cali Bob's subsequent withdrawl the whole field of Sport Men 19-29 heaved a sigh of relief at not having to try to match his mad Cali watts all race;-)

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