Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fruita Day 1

Fruita is a very interesting place for riding. While you're there you can't believe how much much fun it is and once you've left your mind can no longer comprehend it. Within a week of getting back I subconsciously begin to dumb the trails down because I think to myself that no place can possibly be that much fun. Once your back in Fruita and rolling on the BEST singletrack on the planet you realize not only is it as fun as you remember, it's funner!

We left Salt Lake a little later than I wanted to on Saturday but we still got to Fruita around 1:30 pm. We drove up to the Colorado National Monument, set up camp, suited up and headed to the Kokopelli loops trailhead by the Colorado river. We were in the saddle by 3 pm with the goal of hitting most of the loops before dark. We rode Rustlers, Mary's, Steve's, Lions, Troybuilt and Mack Ridge and were back to the car a little after 8pm. 30+ miles total, 90% singletrack. These trails have a mix of pretty much everything. Slickrock, broken slickrock, ledges, switchbacks, steep climbs and descents, big ring swoopy hardpack, exposed sideslopes, tricky rock moves with a few crazy hairball technical sections. Basically MTB nirvana. We burned thousands of calories, ate thousands of calories and left it all on the trail. Drove back to a rowdy Mexican cantina in Fruita for some crazy good burritos, got back to camp around ten and crashed hard. Most of the pictures you'll need to click on to blow up so you can get the full effect of the singletrack.

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