Sunday, March 23, 2008


Rhonda and I did a sweet little 50ish mile road ride up to Suncrest yesterday. Rode from the house down to the shop where I stopped to order a saddle. My road saddle has been sticking it to me (literally) for awhile now and it was finally time for a change. Kids may not be in the near future for us but I like to keep my options open. From the shop we did a little tour of Draper and then hit the climb to Suncrest. I've got to hand it to Draper. The city is taking cycling very seriously. They have tons of singletrack and are building more every year. They also have very nice road bike routes with wide smooth bike lanes. It really is a pleasure to ride down there. It was Rhonda's first time climbing Suncrest and she really enjoyed it (once she was finished that is). The funny thing about Suncrest is that it's the only climb I have ever done where the climb up is much funner than the descent. I have done it a number of times and every time there is a hellish crosswind on the way down that literally tries to throw you under the bus. Yesterday was a little worse than average crosswind wise but it was way fun none the less.

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