Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4 hrs on a weekday

Yesterday I got in 4 solid hours on the MTB. 45 minutes commuting in to work in 36 degree temps was probably the highlight of the morning. The real fun began after work. Left work a little after 4pm and drafted semi's through the industrial park on my way downtown. Spun up 3rd west and through downtown chewing on bus exhaust the whole way. Headed up to Capitol Hill on 5th north and the aptly named Wall street where I made my best attempt to keep the bike moving forward without flipping backwards. That has got to be one of the steepest roads in the area. Recovered in the capitol area, rode through the neighborhoods and up the service road that takes you to Shoreline at the radio towers. Blazed the single track DH to city creek and man was that fun. It was my first real descent since last summer and my hands were screaming by the end from braking. The funny thing was I forgot to unlock my fork before hitting the DH and I didn't even notice. That's how nice a 29'er is. Maybe I should man up and go rigid! Trail was totally dry except for a hundred yard snow drift near the top. Cruised down 11th ave past Popperton and picked up shoreline again by dry creek. Ran into Bob by Red Butte but I was daydreaming as I tend to do when I ride by myself and didn't realize it was him until I was 1/4 mile further down the trail. By that time he was probably half way up dry creek. One of these days my daydreaming habit is gonna make me ride off a cliff or something. Rode dirt to the zoo and pavement back home. Whipped up some Pasta w/ fresh Pesto while I waited for Rhonda to get back from her Shoreline excursion with Lyna (happy b-day!). Ate and passed out for the night. Gotta love Utah, greatest snow on earth, greatest trails on earth, valley singletrack in March and you don't need to use a drop of gas to get to it. When you moving back California Bob?

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