Monday, March 31, 2008

Road Tubeless part II

I've been rolling on the road tubeless setup for a week now with no problems. I think I've dialed in 95 lbs as my optimal pressure. 95 feels nice and firm for out of the saddle sprint intervals but it's soft enough to absorb the rough pavement SLC is famous for. Cornering seems improved as well. My front tire is still tubed and when I push it around faster corners I can tell the rear is tracking better than the front. I have yet to test it's stability on a screamer 40+MPH decent but I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr Max Testa over at TOSH for a bike fit on my MTB. I want to eliminate poor fit as the cause of my back pain on the bike during long hard efforts. Once the fit is dialed in then I'll know that any problem I still have is with strength, flexibility and fitness which I can work on.

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