Sunday, February 17, 2008

We were only a little lost.

Headed out this AM with a plan to try to link up Bearclaw Poppy, Stucki, Barrel Roll, and maybe Zen. Started at the base of Bearclaw Poppy and climbed up to Stucki Spring. Ran into Shannifer on the way up. From Stucki we tried to follow the ATV trails to link up with the Barrel Roll trailhead. This is where the lost part comes in. We took a few wrong turns but eventually got to a road that looked like it headed over to Barrel Roll. The only problem was the road was blocked by a couple of rednecks parked and shooting pistols. Just another day in Green Valley except for these rednecks were shooting fast and hitting nothing. I felt discretion was the better part of valor so we took a hard right and followed the trail of shotgun shells through the wash at the bottom of valley and headed over to the racecourse. Played around a bit on the racecourse and Barrel trail (different trail from Barrel roll) and blasted down Bearclaw Poppy back to the car. Another great day with amazing weather. Gotta love riding in short sleeves and shorts in February!

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