Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines day

The following is stolen from the daily dose but it is so true I had to post it.

Valentine's Day annually marks the triumph of Hallmark's marketing team over America. Let's be honest, the holiday's only good for florists and gift card writers. If you just started dating a girl, Valentine's Day forces you into an awkward romantic setting where you're supposed to behave a certain way even if you aren't ready. It's almost just as bad later in relationships. People (women) have high expectations for the night, and the holiday never quite seems up to spec. And if you actually plan a crazy romantic night like something out of a movie I wouldn't like watching, then you know the bar will be raised even higher next year. It's even worse for single people since it's just a sad reminder that the only thing keeping the other side of the bed warm is a dog they care about way, way too much.

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