Saturday, February 16, 2008

We didn't get the mud memo.

It took 2 hours to get through Provo last night which royally sucked but we perceviered and made it to St George by 11PM last night. Woke up this AM, fixed my rear shock issue from the last trip and headed out to Hurricane rim. I realized we were in trouble when I arrived at the trailhead and there were no cars. My desire to ride overrode my brain and we headed up the doubletrack climb at the start of the trail. A few hundred yards into the singletrack at the top the mud started and kept getting worse. I know better than to not check trail conditions before riding but I slacked off this time. After hitting the mud my conscience won out and we bagged the ride to head for drier trails. Church Rocks/Prospector was on the way so we hit that instead. Did a loop around Church Rocks and took Prospector out to Leeds and back. Couldn't of asked for a better day, nice temps and not a cloud in the sky. Today on the trail I was thinking how lucky we are to have cycling. It's crazy fun and is great for both your mental and physical health. What more can you ask for? Tried out a Double Cappacino Cliff Shot. It tasted like crap but about 5 mins after I ate it the caffiene and sugar kicked in. Well worth the crappy taste I must say. The high point of the ride came soon after taking the Cliff Shot. I was flogging the dog down Prospector, Too Much came on the Ipod and the trail was flowing just right. Gotta love it. Now its beer and pizza time.

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