Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The St Georgians have been holding out.

Yesterday we decided to hit up the new (to us) Zen trail in Green Valley. We parked at the base of BCP, rode up BCP, down Barrel and picked up the doubletrack climb to Zen. I'm not sure how long that trail has been around and been a secret but it won't be secret much longer. Zen is EPIC, no BS. The closest trail I can think of for comparison is Moore Fun in Fruita but even that doesn't do Zen justice. The views are spectacular and the trail is crazy technical XC fun. It's a mix of slickrock, broken slickrock, 2-3 foot ledge drops (all rollable) and some dirt. Pretty much everything you could ask for in a desert ride. It might not be quite as fun as the Goose but it's in downtown St. George, not out in middle of BFE. If you combine Zen with some of the other Green Valley trails such as BCP and Barrel and you have a pretty epic ride. Sorry I din't take more pics but the trail was just too much fun.

This long weekend of riding (75-85 miles total) was amazing and Rhonda has really rounded into form. She was ripping the DH on the Carbon Rush like no tomorrow. She flipped the bird to the middle finger of death on BCP as she smoked it and even passed me once when I took a bigger line halfway down the trail. Lance may have said "it's not about the bike" but he's a roadie where differences in bikes are less apparent. In MTB the bike makes a big difference and I think Cannondale nailed it with the Rush as a perfect do everything bike.

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