Monday, February 4, 2008

No solitude at Solitude

Rhonda and I decided to take advantage of the combo of nice weather and massive amounts of snow during the week to head up to Solitude on saturday. We got a bit of a late start an arrived a little after 10AM to find the lot attendant waving people off because of a full parking lot. My secret parking lot behind the condo's in the 2nd entrance was also full so we parked on the road and hiked in. The lift lines were suprisingly short for the lack of available parking but the snow was a bit of a disappointment. Hooked up with Ian, poked around a bit in Honeycomb and found some decent stashes but nothing spectacular. Left around 3:30 and saw that people had parked along the road from about 1/2 mile before the first entrance straight through to about 1/4 mile past the 2nd entrance. Crazy. Next year I think we'll just have to bite the bullet and get some preseason deals to ski the DV with TC and the rich and famous.

Hosted a small Superbowl part sunday night with Slider Nick et al. About 2 hours before kickoff I got a wild hair in my ass and decided I was tired of the small leak in the garage roof. I climbed up on the roof to shovel off some of the built up snow and ended up with a huge project involving 8" thick slabs of ice under 12" of heavy packed snow. Scooped it all off as guests arrived and with a little help from Donovan finished just in time for kickoff. Man what a great game. I knew that the Giants had a shot with their great pass rush but I didn't think their secondary could keep it together in the 2nd half like they did.

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