Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ke'e Beach view from the Kalalau Trail

A highly endangered Monk Seal

Kilauea Lighthouse

Ke'e Beach

Wailua Falls (173 ft)

Kalalau Valley

Kalalau Valley

Waimea Canyon

Waipo'o Falls

Outlying Kapa'a Town seen from Nounou Mountain

An insurance salesmen

Nounou Mountain

Two weeks in Kauai was wonderful. We did some hikes, some sightseeing, a lot of snorkling and a ton of just chilling on the beach. Soundly slept 9-10 hours every night with the sounds of the ocean in the background and the Trades blowing through our condo.


29er said...

I dig Kauai and want to visit again.

How far out the Kalalau trail did you go?

That mountain hike looks fantastic.

I have a million questions, perhaps we can get together and hear about your trip.

JZ said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation. I swear it seemed like you guys were gone a month. I was starting to wonder if you had just decided to not come back. I was about ready to put a for sale sign up in front of your house.

KanyonKris said...

The above comment from 29er was really me. Oops.

Rhonda said...

Joel, if you can get 500K for our house feel free to put up a sign. I will then be on the next plane back to my island :)

Anonymous said...

Did you get the insurance salesman's card?

Beautiful pics.