Thursday, March 12, 2009

Miles of Misery

After two weekends in a row of riding in shorts and shortsleeves I couldn't bring myself to ride outside in the sub-artic temps on Tuesday. I watched Zoolander and rode the trainer for a bit, not so bad. Wednesday I wanted to do something after work and the trainer didn't sound too appealing. I though about skating but my skis desperately needed a wax job and I was too lazy to do it. I decided to man up, throw on a jacket and ride outside. It was 45 and sunny when I left my house but the a cold north wind was blowing. I took my usual route south down Wasatch. Everything was kosher till I decided to take a swing through Dimple Dell. The descent down was fast and I started to get cold but figured I would quickly warm back up. My fingers went numb and as I turned back towards Wasatch my stomach started to cramp. I was hoping I would warm back up while climbing Wasatch but unfortunately I had hit the point of being so cold I was unable to put out enough watts to warm back up. The ride back home on Wasatch into the icy north wind was pure torture. A seemingly never ending sufferfest of bone numbing cold while I cursed myself out for being too lazy to wax my skis.


Anonymous said...

tsk, tsk...lazy man

Allen said...

Hi Andy! I noticed you blog from Rhonda's FaceBook page.

No use trying to keep up with you two this summer. But the 3-month gym membership should pay some dividends when I get back to UT in June.