Monday, March 23, 2009

Dirt and Pork

Almost four hours of BST dirt on Saturday gave me around 15 for the week. A little more than planned but who can resist the lure of singletrack with bluebird skies and mild temps? The muscles were screaming for some repairs and a dose of protein was in order. We met soon to be expert MTBer Ken, his wife Anna and friend Andrew at Pats BBQ for some world class ribs. Ate almost half a rack of the meatiest, most tender ribs ever created and followed it up with a supersized Snickers shake from Iceberg. If you ever need to know where to go out to eat in the SLC talk to Ken. He knows all the good spots.

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Blackdog said...

Gawd I love Pat's. Thursdays and the Burnt Ends are to die for. Not to mention some nice music at night. The place is a dive but a dive with a heart.