Monday, March 16, 2009

DV and Suncrest

We had some friends in town from Michigan the latter part of last week for a ski vacation. I had to work while they skied Thursday and Friday but we got to ski with them on Saturday. TC, who is a saint in training, miraculously got us some last minute tickets to DV so off we went to ski with the rich and famous. The fresh snow was long gone but we had an awesome day of playing high speed follow the leader down the groomers and Greg Miller's Mogul challenge everywhere else. Six hours of hammering moguls till your legs collapse led to some sore hip flexors the next day. We reloaded the muscles with buffalo burgers and plenty of beer at Squatters followed by way too much ice cream at Coldstone.

Sunday our friends flew home at 2pm and Rhonda and I headed out for a Suncrest adventure. We rode from our house down around the point of the mountain into the UC. Highway into Alpine, up the south side of Suncrest and down the north. We ran into Doug and Eric during a potty break at the equestrian center. They had just finished a corner canyon shred session and updated us on trail conditions. From there it was a mad dash home for some serious pre bed-time eating. 60 miles and around 4 hrs of saddle time. Between the moguls on Saturday and the long ride yesterday my hips are worked.


Rich said...

Dude- you guys are way ahead for the year. I was tired after 2 hours last sunday. I'll have to tag along soon. IF I can hang?

Andy H. said...

I wouldn't worry about hanging. Just cause I've been riding a decent amount doesn't mean I'm fast.