Monday, February 9, 2009

Pillaging the pow (with a little help from UTA)

Looking back at Davenport
Steep, Deep and untouched into Days Fork

Rob almost needed a snorkle

After weights and the trainer on Friday and 3 hours on the road Saturday a big tour on Sunday sounded just right to finish off my legs for the week. The new snow had bonded nicely to the older layers so the plan was to hit some nice steeps preferably with a thick base of recrystallized under the new fresh. I met Ken, Rob and Jim (on his first real tour) at the 6200 S park and ride to catch the bus up to Alta. From Alta we skinned up Grizzly and popped over the top into the east bowl of Davenport. Jim's gear wasn't totally cooperating with the terrain so after the skin back up to Davenport he dropped back down to Alta and we continued on to the west bowl of Davenport. The snow in the east bowl was a little heavy but the snow between the trees in the west bowl was excellent and there was plenty more to come. We grabbed a bite to eat and tackled the skin up to Emma Ridge and ended up looking down into Days fork. Dropped one of the chutes into Days Fork where it was steep and deep. For some reason the storm gods decided to drop about twice as much fresh in upper Days than there was in Silver Fork and the turns were truely awesome. From there we stuck the skins back on and headed towards Flagstaff Peak. By this time I was feeling the prior two days workouts and the skin up hurt but it was all worth it. The Helo's had not been out yet and the turns down the Days cirque were epic. We skied all the way down to the Highway (3200 ft over 4 miles) popping out at Spruces and grabbed the 3:30 ski bus back down to the parking lot. Man what an awesome tour! You would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world with that sweet of turns in the backyard.


Bart G said...

Toured though Upper days on Saturday and it was more of the same and snowing a good share of the day.

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