Saturday, January 31, 2009

5000 foot skin job

Ken scoping our lines

Gobblers opening up through the trees

SLC from Raymond

Rob ripping the glade

Ken finishing off the chute


My creamy turns near the end

Ken put out the call last night for a shortly after dawn patrol and Rob and I answered. The protected snow of Porter Fork was our destination. The snow was absolutely excellent on the North through East faces. We did a glade run off of Raymond, skinned back up and hit a nice deep sheltered chute off of Gobblers and rode the drainage all the way back to Porter. About 5k vertical of earned powder turns. My kind of base miles.


Anonymous said...

Sweetest picture for a header!!!

Rich said...

Nice sweat powder!! I need to get some of that kind of work!

I am Matt said...

Man, sweet pictures. maybe I need to invest in some back country gear..

Andy H. said...

Earned turns can't be beat