Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Productive Holiday

Tearing up the underlayment
Progress as of quitting time last night

Since I had played the previous two days I felt like I needed to accomplish something on Presidents day. I got a pretty good amount done for a days work (plus a couple hours after skiing the day before). Tore up the old particle board underlayment, nailed down most of the bamboo and I also shortened the length of the half-wall guarding the stairs by about 12" to increase the size of the entryway.


KanyonKris said...

Looks good.

I take it the particle board didn't want to come up, hence the grub pick (or whatever it's called).

Andy H. said...

It was both nailed down when originally installed in the 70's and then the prior owners stapled the crap out of it before installing the new carpet. Way more work than I anticipated but that comes with the territory.

Lucy said...

Your amazing progress puts my snail's pace to shame. Looks great!!

Rich said...

Man, that floor is beautiful!