Sunday, February 15, 2009

PC is for eating, BCC is for skiing

Valen-times breakfast a day late

I think I was trying too hard to make photogenic turns cause those suck

Looking at the Honeycomb lift at Solitude. I've drooled over this ridge since the first time I skied Solitude. Now I can check it off the Bucket list.

Davenport hill on the right. Not sure what the big center peak is called?

This was the exit all the way down to the highway. It's much steeper than it looks and required jump turns most of the way down. Fun but maybe pushing it a bit solo.

Tiger shrimp fajitas and top shelf margaritas in PC last night for Valen-times, bluebird powder skiing in BCC today. Had a nice tour of Greens Basin. Since I was flying solo I was looking to explore something fun but mellow. Wasatch Tours Vol 2 made Greens Basin sound like it fit the bill. It didn't. Awesome snow and great skiing but a little hairier than I like to do solo.

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