Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

Thurs- Ate a wonderful New Years Brunch cooked up by Karen, got home, tore down the right side of my kitchen, moved the fridge and installed the new base cabinet, watched Step Brothers (mediocre movie but funny at times), crashed.

Fri- Worked all day, picked up the 600lbs of bamboo flooring, got called back into work for a bit, watched Hancock (another mediocre movie) and slept for 10 hrs.

Sat- Slept in, shoveled the driveway, unloaded the 600lbs of Bamboo, hit Mt Dell for a couple hours of skating, drove home, cleaned up and hit the Last Call Cyclocross party, came home swag-less (rare for me) and crashed.

Sun (B-day)- Slept in again, Rhonda cooked me breakfast, cut a hole in the wall to recess the fridge but ran into a main support stack, decided it wasn't worth messing with just to recess the fridge, drywalled over the hole and ran the electrical for the fridge. By this time it was too late to skate so I threw in Death Race (sweet trainer movie!) and rode the trainer. When I got off the trainer Rhonda had Nick and Willy's pizza and a bottle of champagne waiting. Excellent B-day dinner!

I can't wait for summer so things can slow down a bit.

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StupidBike said...

happy delayed Birthday.