Monday, January 19, 2009

Noon Patrol

Well maybe closer to 11am but you get the point. BC Skiing just isn't fun enough for me to crawl out of bed first thing in the am and rush up the canyon. I like to take things a little easy, sleep in and enjoy my coffee before heading out on a tour. In search of some decent snow Saturday we decided to poke around the back of Reynolds. Parked at Spruces, skinned up Mill D to Dog Lake and finally to the top of Reynolds. We skied off the back shoulder through the trees in some pretty nice creamy protected snow and then skinned back up to ski the main bowl.

Sunday I finished everything but the last course of hall/dining floor and got in a short 1.5 hr skate before dark.

Skinning up Mill D
On the way up Reynolds

Main Bowl

The Peak

Skinning back up

Final Run


KanyonKris said...

Looks like a nice afternoon on the skis.

All you guys BC skiing are tempting me. But that AT gear is so expensive and even the tele stuff aint cheap. All I have is my touring XC gear and that won't cut it. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

you work too hard

Andy H. said...

The buy in is expensive but you can hunt around and find good deals. I rationalized it by telling myself about all the money I'd save in the long run buy not giving it to the resorts.