Monday, January 14, 2008

The weekend

I put the finishing touches on Rhonda's new ride yesterday. Just needed to adjust some cables to avoid rubbing the carbon and installed the eggbeaters. This coming weekend will be the grand premire down in St. George so hopefully she'll be loving on it like she did at the Solitude demo last summer. I also started the build on my Mamasita. I have the frame, fork and drivetrain ready to go but I still need to get a Stan's Arch/Hope Pro II wheelset built and a crankset ordered. Probably going to go with a profile racing crankset since it's the only non custom set made with arms longer than 180mm. I've heard good things about them on MTBR and the extra length should help my extra long legs push the pedals just a bit harder. I even managed to find 90mins to sit on the trainer while watching the Giants beat down the Cowgirls. Nothing better to help forget the misery of the trainer than watching the Cowboys lose.

Watched 3:10 To Yuma on friday. An amazing movie, definatly top 5 I've seen this year. Christian Bale is rapidly becoming one of my favorite actors for his consistantly great performances. He brings something special to every role and I make it a point to watch everything he is in. Russell Crowe was of course excellent and it was amazing how by the end you were routing for him when only an hour before you cringed as he repeatedly stabbed one of the "good guys" in the face with a fork. I should do one of those cheesy yet fun top 10 movie lists of the year.

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