Tuesday, January 22, 2008

St. George in january............priceless

St. George was amazing this weekend. Temps in the upper 40's sounds cold but when you're in red rock country and there's not a cloud in the sky it's pretty close to heaven. On Saturday we rode from Coral Canyon, through the "haunted drain pipe" over to Church rocks. Did two laps on Church Rocks plus an out and back on Prospector. About 23 miles total. It was a wonderful day until I noticed some play in my Blur's rear end near the end of the ride. My rear shock mount bolt/axle had snapped in half! Needless to say that ended the weekends riding. Rhonda did a couple of Bearclaw runs on sunday but I just hung with the mother-in-law and chilled in front of the TV.

Rhonda's mom is a rather different person. Last winter after she moved to St. George we came to visit and she didn't have any salt. When asked why and she said that salt was bad for you. I had to explain that in normal quantities there was nothing wrong with salt. This trip we found she didn't have any honey or maple syrup, she just uses sugar mixed with water. Every trip down it's something new with her. Another one of her things is she won't eat fruit smoothies because they have too many calories and she won't buy fresh produce because it costs too much. Strange.

We tried out eggbeaters saturday to see what we thought. I have always used SPD but between the weight savings and mud shedding ability I thought I should give the beaters a try. I was pretty happy. The release seems more consistant than SPD's but eggbeaters do seem a little more difficult to clip into. Maybe as I get used to them the clip in will work better.

Coming home on I-15 we got blown off the road by some asshat in a new Lexus doing 100+. It was rather sweet when I saw the same guy 20 mins later on the side of the road having a discussion with the Po Po.

Ol' Fred Thomson dropped out of the race today. It took him five primaries to realize you need a little more than "I was on Law and Order and I'm a christian" on your resume' to be elected president.

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