Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful day

Saw a pretty amazing movie at the Imax in Jordan Commons Friday night. U2-3D is a 3D IMAX presentation of a U2 concert performed in Buenos Aires. U2's concerts are awesome, U2's concert movies (especially Slane Castle) are amazing and this 3D IMAX presentation took it to a new level. I know that in the past 3D movies have been pretty gimmicky, i.e. Jaws 3D, but the new crop that have been coming out in IMAX over the last few years have been great. The 3D immerses you in the movie like never before. At one point during the song Sunday, Bloody Sunday as Bono is singing "wipe your tears away" he reaches out toward the audience and it feels like he is reaching out to you personally to wipe away a tear. There are also numerous times where the camera focuses in on The Edge playing guitar and he appears to be standing about 3 feet in front of you playing. The theaters digital sound matches the camera position to add to the realism. If you're a U2 fan or just a fan of excellent concerts in general I'd say it's a must see.

Was able to enjoy the first nice weekend day of the new year on Saturday. Got out for a quality 40 mile road ride. Rode from my house down to Sandy and back via Wasatch, Dimple dell and the Old Mill. It was great fun even though the roads were a little wetter than expected and there was a slight temperature inversion. I froze my ass off on the way home riding up 23rd in the shade before climbing back up out of the cold air to my house. By the time I got hame my road bike looked like I had just finished a cross race. Covered front to back in dirt and road salt. Got home, cleaned up with a hot soak in the tub and headed up to TC's for a happening shin-dig. Met some cool new people and caught up with some biking friends.

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