Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aerodynamic wheel test & spring training

California Bob (California Bob is the biochemist who helped me formulate my home-made energy drink recipe a few years ago which Chis Charmichael and Power Bar borrowed for their new drink last year:) sent me this interesting article about an aerodynamic wheel test some french wheelbuilders are doing. Very interesting stuff for bike tech geeks such as myself. No suprise that of what they have tested so far the bling bling Zipps are on the top. Of course my ghetto Gipiemme/Rolf setup didn't even make the list.

The man just approved my time off for spring training this year. February 29 thru March 10th. 10 days of hammering desert singletrack and pavement down in Dixie. I've got the aformentioned Carmichael's plan all ready to go and if it doesnt kill me it will make me stronger as the saying goes. Should be sweet. I'll probably skip doing the Icup race that saturday and just cheer Rhonda on before heading off to ride. I'm shooting for low-mod intensity long rides that week as opposed to a short high intensity XC race. I'll have to wait till Cholla or perhaps Hell of the North to do my thing this year.

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