Monday, July 13, 2009

Park City's Best

Friday: 7 hour recovery ride with Rhonda.

Sunday: Rich is finally done with Iron Man stuff for the year and was aching for some quality singletrack so I took him on tour of all my favorite trails in PC. CMG, Shadow Lake, Keystone, Apex, Steps, Empire Bypass, Sunset, Spin Cycle and MM from DV to PC to name a few. It was the first time I've ever linked all those trails and it's my new favorite 40 mile loop.

The pace was "peppy" for me and I felt really good at the end but this ride was approximately half of the PCPP. That race is gonna hurt........bad.


UtRider said...

A 7 hour recovery ride - that's funny! I don't think even the pros do much more than 1-2 hours of on-the-bike, active recovery.

When can I get one of your guided tours of the Park City trails? All I know is MM and Glenwild/Flying Dog with a little Round Valley courtesy of the mid-week races.

I am Matt said...

It looks like your using a 305. How do you like it? What is the charge time and how long can you go with out charging it.

Im with mark, when do we get a guided tour..

I am Matt said...

edit: I was thinking you were using just the 305 and not the edge 305. I was more curious on the plain 305 but still curious on the battery time on your edge.

Team Rico said...

my 305 lasts about 10 hours. Found that out 2 weeks ago. I was gonna sign up for the P2P race until you said it was gonna hurt, now I'm back on the fence

Andy H. said...

Yeah, I get about 10 hours on my 305 as well. The 7 hr recovery ride was kinda tounge in cheek. Since we rode at Rhonda's endurance pace my HR averaged around 117 for the 6:45. We'll do a guided tour sometime for sure. Between racing, work and a long vacay in August every weekend until September is booked but we'll plan something then.

Lucy said...

My, that is a nice loop. Drew should get the track from you so we can do it too.