Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Throttle #6 The New Course

Fun course. Lots of climbing. I got dropped hard on the start and actually entered the singletrack near the back thinking it might be a long night. It took some time to work off the previous nights thrashing at DV but by the Bess climb I was warmed up and feeling good. It was there that the fireworks began as one by one the dudes who went out way to hard popped on the climb. I passed countless people on that climb and got a few more who were trying to recover on the road. I even made a pass on the DH which is nice and becoming more of a habit for me. On the 2nd lap climb I caught the back of the expert field for the first time ever. If I would have known it at the time it probably would have given me a nice little burst but I didn't realize it until I caught Mark P on the DH. Didn't feel great on the 2nd lap climb though and I think I noticeably slowed down but I was able to hold my position. Since I started so far back I'm unsure how I finished but I felt like it was a good race regardless. Only three more of these left and it's kinda sad hitting the beginning of the end of another MTB season.

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