Sunday, July 5, 2009

Full Throttle #4

I am finally over my cold and had been looking forward to the weekly throwdown at Solitude. I was a little disappointed because between vacays, work trips, newborns, racing fatigue and the lure of air rifles none of my friendly competition could make the race. Apparently I'm one of the few people crazy enough to not want to ever miss a silly midweek race. At the opening sprint I settled comfortably in mid back (one of these days I'm going to contest that sprint....really). Once the climb started I efficiently began working my way through traffic until I ran into a train of about eight dudes snaking up the ski run near the top. I knew there was no way around this cluster so I settled in and rested till the road. Got around everybody on the road and nailed it in order to try to make up some time. I saw Janelle in the distance but couldn't quite get around her before the DH. Luckily she was nice enough to overcook the first hard left and I snuck around her. Finished the race out incident free for a PB time of just over 50 mins. Next race we're shifting to the new course but hopefully we'll race the old on one more time this year so I can try to break 50 mins.


UtRider said...

I'll try and get up for at least one of the races. However, at this point I'll be doing to good to avoid finishing DFL.

Any plans for another Super Crest ride?

Andy H. said...

I need to get in a Super Crest sometime this year but I'm not sure when. My endurance rides have all been at least 4+ hrs trying to prep for Laramie and PCPP. It will probably have to be a fall thing this year.