Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morgan Valley Roadie Tour

After a crappy weekend of call and house projects, not to mention 5 days off the bike I was blessed with today off. I new a big ride was in order and since most people work on Tuesdays it was going to be solo. I decided the road bike was getting a little lonely and it had been awhile since I did a solo century so that was the plan. So where to go? Well I refuse to drive to ride the road and I'm about sick of dodging cars in the valley so I decided to go over the top of Big Mountain, down into east canyon and tour the Morgan Valley.

107 miles and 8300 ft climbing. The highlight was defiantly climbing back up over Big Mountain with 80 miles on my legs in a rain squall. Oh, and there was a "shart" alert in the middle of the squall but luckily it was a false alarm. It will be very interesting seeing how my legs feel at tomorrow nights race. I guess that's what training races are for.


StupidBike said...


KanyonKris said...

Bob must have just come in from a big ride too. He hasn't the energy to type words, only an inscrutable acronym. Get some carbs Bob, stat.

Nice ride. I've wanted to do that route.

Don't worry, Mark and I won't take advantage of your condition. Muwhahahaha.

But tomorrow is also a biathlon at Soldier Hollow. Decisions, decisions.

Andy H. said...

Biathlon, scmiathlon. You gotta give Mark another shot at beating you and this might be your only chance to stick it to me. My legs are beat!

Anonymous said...

You could at least have the decency to look like you're tired at the race!

I am Matt said...

You said shart. That's funny.