Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mid Mountain Super Loop

Mark P, Ken, Bob, Jen and Shannon joined me Saturday me for this bad boy.

Over 62 miles of the greatest singletrack you'll ever ride. If you ride Mountain Bikes and you don't live in Utah you're missing out.

editors note: Bob, Shannon and Jen wanted 6 hrs tops so they bailed at Johns trail and didn't finish the ride. Mark P bailed with them. Wedge started the ride with us but locked his camelbak and keys in his car and just rode Flying Dog. The GPS track file shows us poaching the private trails through Pinebrook at the end of the ride. We of course would never do such a thing so please ignore that part of the track.


StupidBike said...

it is because I'm old.

KanyonKris said...

Awesome route. I gotta try that sometime. If you go again I'd love an invite.

UtRider said...

Wow - You had a big week. I'll be happy to complete the super crest though for you it's more like baby crest.

Have you ever ridden Butterfield?

Andy H. said...

It's funny, it didn't seem like a big week since I only rode 3 days but I did get in over 16 hours. Probably not the best way to train.

I've never done Butterfield. It's pretty far from my house and I'm not big on fighting the valley traffic to get there.

UtRider said...

My biggest week has been 13 hours which was all on dirt (in December '07).

Dropping 16 hours in 3 days is awesome.

Rich said...

I'm Jealous!! Only 12 days till I can MTB again! Maybe 14 (2 for recovery)